Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I'm still here!

[art by guy denning]

There is so much going on around that I am seriously beginning to question whether I am going to be able to keep my head above water over the next month or so!

As I mentioned before, I'm not going to gripe about how busy we are - isn't everyone?  But since the original purpose of this blog was to document our lives (and not just share my designs, although there has been less of the former and more of the latter), I'm going to attempt to document the comings and goings of our lives over the last few weeks:

  • On Sept 18th, my dad was sent to the hospital after a visit with his GP and later admitted.  He suffers from COPD and pulmonary fibrosis, and had severe swelling in his legs and abdomen.  They started him on water-reducing pills and ran a battery of tests which concluded that he was suffering from congestive heart failure, as a result of his pulmonary infections.  Over the next few days, his CO2 levels rose dangerously high and he was sent to ICU.  It was touch and go but the next day he rallied and was moved to another room.  Over the last week or so, he has ridden a roller coaster of emotions (as have we!) and varying levels of health so much of our time is spent driving out there to visit and encourage him to eat and gain his strength so he can come home.  As of today, there are no definitely plans as to when he will come home - and then we all need to decide what to do if he is unable to continue to live at home by himself.  He is 85.
  • As a result of my dad's stay in ICU, I decided to forgo my crop weekend with my girls at the Encore Dance Fundraising crop in Elmira on Sept 21st.  Extremely disappointing for so many reason, but I'm glad I decided not to go as it was Saturday that my dad's condition worsens and the family was called into his side.  Plus I would have just worried about him all weekend.  On the plus side, I didn't have to pack for the crop - a task that I dread each time!
  • Inventory is complete at two of my stores, however there are unexplained discrepancies that causing me some stress and adding to my limited time.  Thanks to Amy for offering to come in and help me get caught up!
  • My surgery on Sept 23rd with Dr. Deans went extremely well.  There was no pain (aside from the long needle that was used in the corner of my eyes to freeze/numb the areas - GAH!!!).  There was considerable swelling and bruising and I was unable to wear my contacts, drive, lift, strain or bend for at least 4 days!  You don't realize how often you do these things until you can't!  I'm back for a follow-up appointment next week to determine if another surgery will be required.  Can't say that I'm really disappointed about that - he's such a cutie! :)
    This is my eye, Day 2 after the surgery - and the swelling had gone down considerably, thanks to all-day icing, 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off:

  • Connor suffered from what we think may be "turf toe" following his game last week (which incidentally was played on a new artificial turf).  We spent a few hours in emerg last Wednesday and he spent a few days on crutches, and icing it.  He ditched his crutches at a friend's bbq this weekend and seems to be walking okay on it, so hopefully it was a mild strain
  • Today, I went for oral surgery for a crown lengthening - I am really starting to feel my age, with all these surgeries!  Some discomfort, but ibuprofen helps and it should heal quickly.  It wasn't great timing on my part, but what's done is done - and Dr. Mason is a fantastic (and fun!) periodontist.  We spent much of the time discussing the fall TV programming.  Or at least she discussed - I drooled and nodded a lot. :) 
Oh, and did I mention I'm hosting Thanksgiving for our entire family? And that I have another inventory (my final!) 3 days later?  Not to mention ScrapFest and CropFest and the wedding and football games and cadets and gymnastics and sleepovers and Halloween and...

Well, at least it will keep me out of trouble! :)

Tomorrow, I'll share pics from Connor's football game - he's so handsome in his uniform!


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  1. sorry to hear about your dad, sending prayers and well wishes to him and your family in hopes he gets well soon

  2. So sorry to hear things have been so hectic for you! Take some time for yourself to recharge if you can :-) thanks for sharing - love the blog!


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