Friday, July 04, 2014

Me at 47

On Wednesday, I celebrated 47 years on this wonderful planet - seems so surreal to me!  I got spoiled with flowers, dinner at Mamo Burger and… an iPad Air!

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Do you remember when I interviewed Connor and Aili on their birthdays last year?  I thought it'd be fun to continue the tradition and interview myself... with a few alterations! :)

1. What is your favourite colour? Orange
2. What is your favourite song?  Currently, it's Stay With Me by Sam Smith
3. How do you get to school work?  Lola, the Mustang convertible - she's a beautiful thing in the summer!  Not so much in the winter...
4. What chore did you do last?  Folded laundry
5. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Writer
6. What is your favourite TV show?  Orange Is The New Black and 24
7. Who is your best friend?  I have many, but I'd have to say Amanda is my closest bestie (but probably furthest, geographically!)
8. What is your favourite cereal?  Crispix
9. What makes you mad?  Injustice
10. What's under your bed?  New bedroom set - so it's just been vacuumed!
11. If you could have any pet, what would it be?  A horse
12. What do you like best about yourself?  My sense of humour
13. What's your favourite joke?  Q: What's a nosey pepper do?  A: Gets jalapeƱo business!
14. What is your favourite holiday?  Christmas
15. What vegetable do you like best?  Red peppers
16. How tall are you?  5'2"
17. What size shoe do you wear?  Usually 8
18. What's your favourite subject in school part of your job?  Payroll
19. What's your favourite sport?  Football.  As a spectator, of course!
20. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  Teleportation - no commuting time!


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Inspired by an interview that Nicole conducts with each of her children every year on their birthday, I used a combination of Nicole's questions, questions from a special issue from Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook Shortcuts with Quizzes and Questions, along with my own and came up with my own list. 


  1. Fun! HAPPY "belated" birthday!!!

  2. happy belated birthday!!!!! we just started 24 (well about a month ago) and my husband is completely obsessed, we just started season 6 (my mom has them on dvd so she mailed them to us so we could watch them)


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