Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Field trip!!

Today was Connor's last field trip of the year. And ironically, they went to Point Pelee in Leamington, my hometown where I was born and raised! We loaded him up with sunscreen and bugspray, stuffed his knapsack with all the required bring-alongs... and gave him my old digital camera to take.

He loves to take photos. So much so, that on the last trip, he took so many photos of the trip TO the museum that once he got there, he had run out of batteries AND disk space! :) So as we handed him the camera today, we reminded him... NO photos on the way THERE! We wanted to see photos of his field trip AT the location.

Fast forward to tonight as we're downloading them onto our 'puter... there's ONE photo of his friend, Kabir, and his dad in front of the bus. He took a few photos of the lake and this GREAT photo at the Boardwalk:

and then about sixty of the trip home!! I think we now own a photo of every house from here to Leamington...

But so as to not squash his fledging photography enthusiasm, we complimented him on the effort... and reminded him that NEXT time, we'd like to see more of the actual Point... :D

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  1. Oh, that is so funny - I was laughing out loud!!!! What a character he must be! It's a great idea to send a camera with him, especially when you can't go - how clever are you!!


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