Sunday, June 11, 2006

Love it!

Thank you, Patti (patticakes from the Scraptivity forum), for the link to Jessica Sprague's blog and her fantastic PhotoShop Fridays!! I thought I really knew the ins and outs of PS, but it turns out I was only scratching the surface!

I have been searching, albeit not very hard, for an action that I could use with PhotoShop to give my clients' proofs that artsy fartsy, grungy edge that we used to get from developing our photos in the labs (in the olden days! LOL!). Lo and behold! In week three on her blog, Jessica posted this awesome mask that is sooooo easy to use!! I used it on the photo of Connor in the previous post. I also tried it out on this adorable photo of Connor and Aili:

I love this effect!! Thank you, Jessica!! You RAWK!!


  1. Sue, that photo is SO adorable! I love your b&w conversion and that awesome grungy border!

  2. What a couple of cuties, Sue!! They look so happy together!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Sue your photos are magnificent and with the mask.... you've hit it right out of the ballpark!!! SOOO nice!! I'm glued to her blog every Friday!!! :)

  4. This is awesome Sue. I love Jessica's photo shop Friday's!!!! Haven't had a chance to use all the techniques yet, but I know where to go when I need the tutorials!!!

  5. Looks awesome. Now I have to go look.


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