Monday, August 07, 2006

Two whole weeks...

without this guy! What am I going to do?!?!

Connor headed back to Erin on Sunday with Gary's parents to spend a bit of his summer vacation with them. To give us a bit of a break, and to break up the monotony of his summer vacation.

But what am I going to do without him?!?

They have him enrolled in a soccer camp this week which, I surmised after talking with him tonight, is pretty cool! It is run by an actual soccer league so he is learning the fundamentals of soccer, something that wasn't really present in his league here, due to the lack of practice time. Today, they worked on passing!

His grandparents will fill the rest of the time with all sorts of fun stuff like swimming, cycling, canoeing and of course, more soccer! :) I'm sure he'll also hang out with Levi, next door, on the trampoline!

Prior to his departure on Sunday, I sat him down and took a few snapshots of him. Ended up with this one - a new fav!

Thanks for looking!


  1. He will have such a fun time away!! I know how you feel though... Ethan just returned yesterday after camping with the in-laws for the week. I really missed him! Plus, he is sooo good at keeping Isabella occupied!! I had forgotten what it was like to have only one kid in the house!

  2. That is a great shot of Connor! He sounds like he has a fun filled trip planned - and I am sure you will miss him but also be able to spend some quality time with A!

    Great photos from the wedding!!! It looks like you had TONS of fun! (And Sarah sort of looks like Sandra Bullock to me!) You know, a family can be crazy and cute at the same time! :)

  3. What an awesome photo, Sue!!!!! I'm sure the time will fly by!

  4. That is an amazing photo!!! What a cutie this guy is! I don't know how you part with him for two weeks!?!?!?!?!

  5. I can't get over what a handsome little guy you have there. I know how you are feeling tho - my kids are due back on Saturday and I don't think I can wait that long. I miss them soooo much when they are gone! Enjoy the time tho - it will TOTALLY fly by! And if you're lonely, you can always PM me - I'll keep ya company!

  6. You weren't kidding. That's a fantastic photo! And about the 2 weeks, it may seem like a long time but I'm sure it will fly by. Connor will come home with so many stories to tell and just imagine all the animated photos you can take THEN! ;)

  7. Great photo indeed! Can't wait to see how you scrap it! I don't like being away from my kiddos either - it's like a limb is missing....

  8. Great photo. His eyes are glemming. IT's so hard when your away from them after having them everyday.

  9. oh Sue you must be missing him something fierce!! But it sounds like he is going to have soooo much fun at the grandparents house! That is so awesome of them to sign him up to play soccer there!! I love it it!

    And that photo!! It's flawless, and he has the biggest most beautiful brown eyes!! Gorgeous photo!!


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