Sunday, August 06, 2006

Congratulations to Jennifer and Bob!!

We attended the wedding of my cousin, Jennifer, to a wonderful man, Bob, on Saturday. The service was beautiful, as was the bride, and they looked so happy! We wish them all the happiness in the world. I was so disappointed that I didn't get a chance to really take any great photographs! Between trying to keep Aili quiet during the ceremony and concentrating on keeping my balance in my 3.5 inch heels (WHAT was I thinking?!?), I managed to squeak a couple out, during the ceremony and then, this one of Connor and Aili after we exited the church:

Unfortunately, it's the only one I have of Aili ALL day!! Luckily, the photographer thought she was adorable and took several photos of her so I'll have to ask Jennifer for a few prints when they come back to her.

And MAN! Did we have fun at the reception!!! I am blessed in that we all, from my sisters to my cousins to my neices and nephews, get along great! We love to have fun and laugh - and we did plenty of both that night! Aili and Connor came for dinner (well, for the first three courses, anyways!) Connor even sunk this putt to get the bride and groom to kiss!

(my nieces, Sarah & Carly, with Connor)

Gary's parents picked the kidlets up about 8pm and brought them home to bed! And so the party began! :)

Now, I know I have a crazy family. I *know* that. It doesn't surprise me and I readily admit it. But now, I think everyone else realizes it too! :) And this just proves it:

(Me, Sarah, my dad & my cousin, Margaret)

There was a little of this (okay, maybe a lot...),

(my nephew, Cory)

a little of this,

(Gary dancing with Sarah)

and alot of just good clean fun:

(my sister, Teresa, & Carly)

(my cousin, David, Sarah, Teresa, Cory, his girlfriend, Tania, Gary & in front, Catherine (bride's cousin))

(My nephew, Chris, with Sarah - a.k.a. The Poser - LOL!)

(Tania, on whom Connor has a SIGNIFICANT crush!!)

(Bob, Jennifer, Sarah, Chris, Tania & David)

(Sarah & Jennifer's sister-in-law, Corinne)

And I'll leave you with one last photo... It's not the most flattering photo of me (by any stretch of the imagination!) but it is indicative of how much fun we all have together!

Thanks for looking, if you've made it this far!


  1. Those are just fun photos!! Love them!!

  2. Those are great photos Sue. It makes me wish I had a big family like yours.

  3. You all look so fabulous having fun together! Thanks for sharing, Sue!!

    How awesome for Connor to get to spend some vacation time with his grandparents. He will have memories to treasure always! Hang in there, Mama!!

  4. Sue these are wonderful photos and I can't wait for my cousins to get married to share the same festivities. Looked like you all had a blast.

  5. Looks like you had a blast, my friend! Great photos BTW! I think yours is VERY flattering!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I can see now why you were so looking forward to it. You are lucky to have such a close knit family. And, I personally think that photo of you is VERY FLATTERING - LOL!!!

  7. What a great bunch of photos - certainly looks like a blast! Oh the one of Connor and Aili holding hands precious!!!! Photos that make you say "awwwwwww"....

  8. Awesome photos and what a blast.

  9. Oh my gosh Sue, I think those are by far the best wedding photos I have seen! You captured the Fun an frivolity that is supposed to happen at a wedding... I know the stuffy formals are important, but I like this so much better ! It just captures the true relationships soooo much better! It looks like the bride had a great time!! As did teh family!!
    you have a gift my friend!


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