Thursday, August 03, 2006

A penny saved...

is fun to play with!!

Ever since Connor has learned the values of money and how to count it, he has become obsessed with it! He opened his piggy bank, emptied it all over Gary's new poker table (which he was REALLY happy about!) and counted all of his coins. Sixteen dollars and change... And now everytime he sees something in an advert or on a sign, he exclaims, "$10!! I can buy that!" Hee hee... I keep telling him that he has to save half of everything he earns, whether it be his allowance (which will start in the fall, much to his delight!) or birthday money. He wasn't too excited about that, until I told him that we will get a proper bank account! Then he was all ears! :)

In the meantime, this preoccupation with money seems to have rubbed off on his baby sister! Aili will ask for the piggy bank and will spend hours (okay, maybe just 15 minutes - but that's like hours at that age!), taking the money out and putting it back in! Maybe she'll be an accountant, like her mother! :)

Another couple of funny photos of Aili to share, but before you all lynch me and accuse me of favouring one child over the other, let me tell you that I am hard pressed to take a photo of Connor! He will not sit still long enough, and if I can coax him to, with some toy or another, he is usually so engrossed in playing that I can't get a decent shot!!

Now this little diva, on the other hand, LOVES to pose for the camera! :) Gary snapped about 40 pics of her, just sitting at the kitchen table, playing with a pencil!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ooohhh love those pics Sue!!!!

  2. What a wonderful family you have, Sue! I love hearing a-out your daily adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the pictures that you post of your kids! They are the just cutie-patooties. I look forward to seeing the photos you take of them all the time - thanx for sharing them Sue.

  4. Great photos, Sue!! I have to admit that I check your blog mostly for the photos!! LOL (But I read too!) Looks like you are having fun with your new lens!

    Your August DT layouts look awesome too! Love that pigtails one especially!

  5. Sue your pics are gorgoues!!! Aili melts my heart!!

  6. Just awesome photos!!! So good to teach your kids the value of money early!

  7. Connor and Ethan sound like they would be best buds. Ethan is obssessed with money. But he never wants to spend it. I am not sure if he is my kid....

  8. Totally cute pics - I love the one of her concentrating so hard.
    Too cute with the bank account - good for you for teaching them at such a young age!

  9. beuatiful :)

    as for coins - fay just wants to lick them :(

  10. Yup future accountants it is. Love the one of Aili and the pen in her mouth. The things that amuze them.


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