Monday, January 29, 2007

A few layouts finally finished!

I'll apologize in advance for the sheer atrocity of these photos - I'm ashamed to admit that my first article in Canadian Scrapbooker was Photographing Your Layout!! But I didn't have time to scan them and by the time I got around to photographing them, it was after 5pm so the light was terrible! Add a screaming two-year old to the mix... you do the math!

But try to look past the blurriness and the skewed lines... please.

I started this one at Katrina's over New Years but finally got around to adding the ribbon and title. (photo by Sooters) Thanks to Mona for the awesome Basic Grey Fruitcake paper and metal charm - love the rich colours! And thanks to Kat for letting me use her snowflake punch... and ink... and embossing powder... and heat gun... The first time I traveled light - see where it got me!! :)

Another that I started at Katrina's - I added the flip-open journaling (under the plaid blue rectangle) and ribbon at home. Thanks to Katrina (again!) for the awesome cherryArte chipboard (and the scrap of white paper for my handcut (yes, I'm crazy!) title!

Here's a quick one from the overnight crop at Liz's last weekend. Very simple, to showcase the adorable photo by Sooters. Thanks to Canadian Scrapbooker for the awesome Fontwerks paper - it's so cute! You probably can't tell, but I added jeweled brads to various flowers for a little "bling"!

Lastly, my favourite one of the bunch... I made this for Gary for his office - I'm going to put it in one of those cute Picture It PageFrames. Love this photo of us and the My Mind's Eye paper perfectly suits the tone of the Midnight Black effect on the photo!

Well, thanks for looking (and OVERlooking my blurry pictures...) ! :D


  1. Sue:

    These are all fab. The one of you and Gary is awsome. He's going to be thrilled to have this on his desk. Great job girl!

  2. great layouts, Sue! Love the midnight sepia on the last photo, and that handcut title! Awesome!!

  3. Beautiful layouts.. .especially love the first one!! Great job!

  4. So, so pretty, Sue!! I love them all! You have been scrapping up a storm - thanks for the motivation!

  5. Such lovely work Sue! The layouts look beautiful - the BG paper looks beautiful with the photo of your gorgeous little one! I really love the lo of you and Gary! What a lovely photo of the two of you!

  6. Beautiful work Sue! You are a patient woman to cut out that title!

    Here's to a healthier year for your family in 2007 :)

  7. hey Sue..I'm blog hopping and came across yours :)...great work as always!!!...and your pics look perfectly fine!

  8. WOW Sue...I love every single one of them! Fabulous work!

  9. WOW they are all fabulous!!

    Hope that Aili's scarlet fever is going away and you all can get back to normal.

    Hope you can get into the repiratory specialist soon for Aili. HUGS!!!

  10. I was looking at that kindergarten layout thinking you were crazy to handcut that and then read that you actually did! Crazy girl! How long did that take you??? I would never have the patience to do that! *S*


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