Sunday, February 04, 2007

Are you ready for some..

The Sykes household is ready! We are hosting our 1st annual Superbowl party today - Gary's been dying to host one ever since he got his projector and 100" screen up and running... and now that he's got Hi-Def, there's no stopping him! :) You know what they say about the only difference between men and boys, right...?!??

So, the house is clean, the little kids' toys have been put away and the big kids' toys have come out: Foozball table, Xbox 360 and the poker table! There was rumour of a Twister game surfacing but luckily, for EVERYONE involved, that did not materialize!

We're expecting a small group of about 15-20 people, as we had many who couldn't make it. I've got the menu all set: BBQ spareribs, my famous meatballs, BBQ & honey garlic wings, chili cheese dip, bacon wrapped water chestnuts and crab dip! Hmm... the Heart Stop special! I may also attempt some potato skins... depending on how ambitious I feel!

Of course, I will have this all prepared ahead of time so I can watch my Colts KICK SOME A**!!! Granted, they are only MY Colts now because my beloved Tom Brady and his team choked under the pressure that Manning and his team fired at them during the last half of that fateful semi-final game! But if I had to choose between the Colts and any other NFL team, then the Colts it is!!




  1. Too funny that you like football. Although, I'd watch the game just for that food! *S*

  2. Hope you all had fun! Sorry we couldn't make it!

  3. LOL. Sounds like it was a great party in the making! And (I think?) your team won! (Shows how much I follow football! LOL! All that food sounds awesome! Yummers!!

  4. Oh Sue, sounds like a fabulous party.... remind me to make a trip east at this time next year. Sounds like you throw a pretty fine party!!!!

    I was going to message you when the game first go underway... oh say about 15 secs in, glad I held back, although I too was cheering for the COLTS!!!

  5. Oh yum! Wish I was at your Superbowl party!!!


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