Friday, April 13, 2007

Ba-aa-aaaaaad blogger!!

Sorry, all (to those who read my blog, anyways!) for the lapse in between entries... No excuses, other than a busy life!!

Just Cre8 has been keeping me busy, with co-ordinating the deliveries, designing stamps, shipping orders and handling customer service issues, few as there have been. We are getting ready to reveal the May kit, on April 15th, so my design team members and I are hard at work, playing with this kit to show its' full potential - it's so beautiful, I'm finding it hard to cut the paper!! And the stamps! Oh!! Awesome... if I do say so myself! ;)

As well, our extended deadline for the design team has come and gone, and we managed to narrow down our favourites into a short list. After speaking with each of the candidates, I was no nearer to choosing! It's been very hard, as we have had a LOT of great entries come in! But we did manage to choose three and they will be announced on Friday around noon!

On the homefront, we had a great Easter with my family at my sister's house. Of course, the kids ate too much chocolate, but this year, the Easter bunny was smart and left small baskets of art supplies for Connor (he LOVES to draw!) and a DVD for Aili (she, unfortunately, loves to watch TV!!). We had a great dinner and spent some quality time together. I even joined the boys in a poker game and cleared out a few people, before coming in third! Or was it fourth? At least I wasn't the first one gone

We tried to get a picture of all of the grandkids together, since it's been awhile everyone's been home at the same time. I must have taken about 25 photos!! The younger kids were easier to set up than the older kids!! Must be because our kids are so used to having a camera in their face!

Here's one of the best ones:

I love Connor's expression!! And if you can't tell in that photo... someone's missing a few teeth now!! It makes me giggle every time I look at him! And he knows it, so he'll sit there, pretending that he doesn't see me looking at him... and then he flashes me this big gaping grin and I crack right up! I love that kid!

I'll leave you with this one... my new favourite of my little Poser Boy... :D

Thanks for reading... and being patient with me!!


  1. Glad to hear you Easter was fabulous, and I do recall telling you a while back that you would be super busy with the launch of the new site. I'm very happy for you and your success and Congrats to your new DT.

  2. Sounds like your Easter was great fun! Your life is just so busy right now and so exciting! Your kits are great and you're going to be a huge success!!!

  3. i dont think people understand just how difficult it was to get that shot of all of us. lol i love my family! check out aili's hot and sassy crossed legs, yeah that's right, props to godmomma

  4. OMG.....Connor looks so much older from the previous photos. Great photos Sue!

  5. Congrats again on the new DT and the wonderful success of Cre8 so far. Its an awesome place to hang out.

    I always love looking at photos of your kids - Connor is getting better looking each and every day!

  6. Yeah - thanks for the update! It's always nice to hear the news and see more pictures of your family. YEAH for the success of Just Cre8 - you are an amazing woman!


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