Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Has it really been...

SEVEN days since my last post?? Well, so much for more recent posts...

Now granted, we did head out of town for Thanksgiving so hopefully, you'll cut me some slack! ;)

Because of my upcoming internal audit at work at the end of October, I decided to take advantage of Gary's vacation day on Friday and work the extra day. And Friday night was the start of voting for the first round of our Gr8 Cre8ive Idol contest at Just Cre8. There are some fabulous entries - can't wait to see who will join our Crew in January!

We took off Saturday afternoon and headed up to Gary's parents' place with dreams of beautiful fall walks on the Bruce Trail and enjoying the Erin Fall Fair.

We managed to squeeze in some time with old friends of ours, Harold and Alysa, and their two gorgeous kids. They were heading back to Toronto that evening so they popped over for a visit before we had dinner. 90 minutes is just not enough time to catch up on months of news! We will have to plan to get together more often with them!

Our plans on Sunday were to take the kids to the Erin Fall Fair. It was cold and gloomy (and of course, weather forecasted hot, sunny weather!) Luckily, we packed jeans and sweaters for the kids. They LOVED it! Aili dragged us over and went for her very first pony ride. She's in love... that's all she talked about for the next three days! Between Jazzy (her pony) and the carousel... looks like we may have to look for a farm in the area!

Connor and I braved the Polar Express ride... Now, I used to go on this ride ALL the time at the Leamington Fair when I was younger... It has been called many things over the years, but I remember it as The Himalayan. You remember... similar to a jacked-up, tilted merry-go-round that BLARED dance music and raced backwards, throwing you into the outside corner, squishing the poor unfortunate soul who got stuck in that seat?? I thought you might - I LOVED that ride!!

However, some twenty odd years have passed and I find myself wondering why...? I got a serious headache and possibly whiplash, couldn't catch my breath for about 30 seconds and spent most of the ride wondering when it was going to stop? LOL! I think I'm getting old!

After we gathered everyone up and headed home for our Thanksgiving dinner, Connor started complaining about a headache. He seemed feverish and we just attributed it to the crazy wild ride we had gone on!

But on the ride home on Monday, he was still complaining about his headache, and on Tuesday, he came home sick. I took him to the clinic and they swabbed for strept!! Luckily, it was negative and probably only just a virus so he headed back to school today!

Gary flew out last night for Minnesota. He had meetings all day today with his new co-workers at the Wireless Ronin head office in Minnetonka.

Yep. That's right, Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Say that five times fast.

Although he did send me this:

The nerve, eh? He's that close to a scrapbooker's sanctuary of paper goodness... and when I asked him if he went in, his answer was, "NO! Are you kidding me?"


However, the NEXT time he has business in MN, I'm going with him!! I'm sure that I can fill 8 hours at the Mall of America!!

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