Thursday, May 21, 2009


to the Just Cre8 2009 Happy Be Scrappy online crop!

I'm so excited - The Cre8ive Crew have some very cool challenges (I'm so blessed to have such a talented team!) so that should jump start my mojo!! It's our scheduled crop night with our Scrapping Group, and although I've only heard from Sarah, Liz and Eva, I can't wait to get some cropping done! I'm going to FINALLY dig into my June kit and I have two circle journals, waiting patiently on my desk in my studio... Time to get those done and back out to the door to Crystal! I wonder where my circle journal is...?

On the home front, the daycare is breathing down our necks for our summer schedule (seriously, who plans THIS far in advance?!?) We're hoping to get out to PA this summer to visit our wonderful family. You may remember me talking about my aunt a few years ago... it's high time that we fly/drive out to see her and her family again! My cousin, Rita, also delivered her 3rd child in January and I'm sad to say that I haven't seen her or her family since her wedding in 2001! Definitely time to head down there!!

As the school year comes to a close, we're just getting into our summer activities. Connor's swim team practices will break for the summer in mid- to late-July and start back up in September. He's looking forward to heading to my sister's place and practicing his strokes in their big pool - I want to learn how to to that flip at the end of the pool! :)

Soccer started a few weeks ago - Gary is coaching Connor's team this year. He originally signed up for Asst. Coach, but due to the lack of parental involvement, that rapidly escalated to Coach! While he loves spending time with Connor, the league is not very well balanced, with respect to ability and it can be frustrating. But Connor loves to play and he's having fun - and that's all that matters!

We had plans to put Aili in dance this season, but with the inside and outside CUPE workers on strike, all City programs have been postponed or delayed. So until it's over, we'll be filling our days off with swimming, trips to the park and play dates! I'm hoping to get her into swimming lessons in the fall!

Time to get to bed - It will be a late night tomorrow!!

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