Monday, September 07, 2009

Continuing on...

...with our summer update!

July seemed to fly by this year again, taking with it another year of my life! :)  We celebrated Canada Day out at Liz & Gino's again, but the weather was so cold for much of July - and the long weekend was no exception! 

It was a quiet birthday for me - I spent the morning across the street at our neighbour's, chatting, while our kids played and then came home and spent some time outdoors with the kids - it was another cold day!!  We all bundled up and headed to Connor's soccer game in the evening.

Excuse the blurry image - I think my teeth may have been chattering!

Even the armless pixie with me was cold!  (and again... chattering teeth = blurry pictures)  It was at this point that I began to question the sanity of the decision to come and watch the game... and then I had an epiphany:

And KNEW that we should have stayed home!  Luckily, the storm held off and passed us by.

The rest of July was spent making the agonizing decision to stop producing the Just Cre8 kits.  So many friends contacted me with their expressions of sadness over this decision, but with equally supportive comments at this difficult task.  You know who you are - thank you!!  Now to decide on what direction to focus...

The end of summer brought about another change - my "real job" was picking up and moving shop!  On July 30th, we opened the doors to our new location, so on the 29th, the staff on hand posed out front for a final goodbye:

(Photo credit: Sue Leslie)
While I love our new location, I sort of missed the old place that I called home for the last eleven years.  But the memories won't fade anytime soon.

Or the nightmares.

LOL - just kidding, Ted! :D

The kids spent part of their summer vacation with Gary's parents in Erin.  This was Aili's first year and she was so excited!  Because we had pity on them, we didn't saddle my inlaws with BOTH kids at once (yet... :D).  Connor went from Jul 19th through to Jul 25th, during which he attended sailing lessons!  He has been looking forward to these lessons for a few years so he was pumped!  I have some good photos that my inlaws were so kind to burn to disk for me, but I've uploaded them onto my computer upstairs and can't find the disks!  That's okay - these lessons surely deserve their own post, don't they?!?

Aili spent the following week in Erin - my inlaws certainly kept her busy, but I'm just as certain that she gave them a run for their money!  It would probably have been better to send her for the first week, when they were fresh and full of vigor! LOL! 

The timing worked perfectly for us, however, because it was our grand opening that weekend at our new Shoppers location and I was working alot, while Connor was able to meet up with some friends at Latchkey.  Opening Day was exciting and busy and fun - and by the end of it, I was ready for our mini-vacation that was about to begin on the Thursday night...

Stay tuned for August highlights...

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