Thursday, September 10, 2009

August Long Weekend

We kicked off August with a big bang, by spending the weekend with my cousins, Gabe and Connie, in Collingwood.  We don't have many photos of our days, spent lounging around in the backyard or touring the Village, trolling for that yummy Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shoppe candy (sigh), but I do have evidence, -er, photos from our night on the town at Windy O'Neills.  You may remember me talking about Windy's last year, when we spent the weekend in Collingwood - no evidence, er, photos last year though...

After this post, you'll know why. ;)

It started out, harmless enough.  An afternoon of relaxing in the backyard, enjoying the cool breeze and warm sunshine.  An AWESOME experience driving Connie's new Mercedes convertible into Port Stanley to pick up my niece and her friend - I could SO get used to driving one of those!!  An incredible bbq'd dinner of prime rib steaks, saffron risotto and the most amazing salad ever:

Bresaola with Arugula and Parmesan curls.  Connie added oil cured olives and capers, and drizzled it all with olive oil, imported from Italy - similar to carpaccio, which is made with raw beef.  Definitely something you must taste at least ONCE in your life!

Moving on...

We sat around, drinking and chatting for a while and then everyone (except my younger niece and her friend, who were underage) decided to head to the bar in town. 

Here's a brief photo description of our night:

We started out normally:

My niece,Sarah, my cousin,Connie and my sister,Teresa
Don't let those innocent looks fool you... ;)
My brother-in-law, Bill and I.
 (please overlook the red, sweaty face - it was SO hot in that bar!)
My cousin, Gabe.
I love this photo of him!
Gabe, with his beautiful (and fiesty!) daughter, Ashley.
Ashley, with her brother, Adam, joins Sarah and Chris for a family portrait.
Such great smiles!  Sorry about the red-eye, Adam - I forgot to fix it! :(
But then, this happened...
And I think this guilty look explains a WHOLE lot... ;)
Or maybe this one explains it better....
I think Ashley's friend, Michelle, (with my nephew, Chris), had an inkling of how crazy we really can be...
(Love this girl - so fun!)
After a little (okay, a LOT) more of this...

... Sarah went into her "Poser" mode!
You may remember me posting about the "Poser" mode in this post... :D
We all had such a great time, even on the way home - right, Sarah? ;)
I'll leave you with this photo:
Probably one of my favourite (and the most telling) photos from the weekend...
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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. I absolutely love the last pic of Gary!

  2. hahahahahahahaha it was awesome!


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