Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Family at Christmas

This year, we were actually ready AHEAD of schedule, before heading to my dad's to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family, and since the kids were so cute in their matching outfits, I just had to snap a few photos!

Connor looked so handsome in his sweater vest!  And so grown up, too!  I can't believe he's already TEN!

I picked up Aili's outfit from The Children's Place.  It's a gorgeous taffeta skirt with a tulle underskirt, and it has these gorgeous beaded poinsettias all over it.  The sweater is a soft angora one with beading on the neck and sleeves.  She couldn't stop twirling, "like a princess" and begged me to wear lipstick.  I compromised and gave her a sheer lipgloss.

Gary, again with the extra long arms, snapped this family photo of us - I think it may be the first half decent one in a long time!

We had a late dinner at my dad's.  Sarah, my niece, surprised us and flew back from England for the holidays!  We hung out, pigged out on great food, and opened our presents.  We even had our annual Secret Santa exchange with the adults - I ended up with a Dr. Scholl's Back Cushion Massager and Gary won a Tim Horton's card!  There were alot of good gifts this year!

The only slight on our holiday was the 'flu that everyone got, present company included!  Luckily, it was extremely short lived - 24 hours for all, save Aili.  She felt a general malaise for a few days.  We were all as good as new for New Years', which we celebrated by going to the Windsor Spitfires game and then dinner at Kelseys.  We all came home and had a nap for a few hours and then headed over to the neighbours' place for appetizers while watching the ball drop.  Connor had spent the night before at Liam's and they had had a late night, so he stayed home and slept!  We woke him up when we got home to wish him a Happy New Year and he went right back to bed until morning!

I still can't believe he's 10 already and old enough to stay on his own...  Just like I can't believe that he's almost as tall as I am...

Yikes.  If you need me, I'll be the one in the corner, crying and wondering where the last 10 years went...

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  1. Beautiful family pictures Sue!


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