Thursday, January 28, 2010

Santa Claus Came To Town!

Or should I say, WENT to town!? LOL!

Actually, this year, we didn't really go overboard with gifts for the kids.  We talked to them about the less fortunate, and how Christmas is really a season for giving.  The school had sent home a World Vision catalogue earlier in the month and after flipping through it with them, and discussing how lucky we are to be living in a country where we often take our basic needs for granted, we all agreed that the kids would each forfeit a few gifts and we would use the proceeds to donate to World Vision.

It was heartwarming to see the two of them, bent over the catalogue, discussing whether they would rather buy a couple of goats or stock a medical clinic...

As I said yesterday, Christmas morning was a subdued affair at our place.  With Aili getting sick so often throughout the night, Gary and I were both exhausted.  We skipped our traditional big Christmas breakfast, as no one really had much of an appetite, either.  We got up early with Connor and let him open his stocking gifts and then we all went back to our bed and slept until Aili woke up.

As you can see, she was very pale and lethargic about opening presents.  And you can see the ever-present "puke" bucket on the left... :(  And I don't know what those white spots are - maybe a dirty lens?

Anyhow, what she lacked in spirit, Connor made up for in enthusiasm!  I love the look on his face that I captured when he opened their gift from Santa - a Nintendo Wii!!

Once Connor explained what it was, she showed slightly more enthusiasm:

But only slightly.

She then vomited and went back to bed, the poor peanut!

We special ordered a WEST team swim bag for Connor for Christmas this year:

Santa also brought something for Gary and Connor to enjoy together... remote controlled helicopters!

Star Wars, even!  Gary's been wanting a RC heli for I can't remember HOW long - I'm glad Santa finally listened!

Santa also brought Gary and I the Wii Fit Balance Board and the Biggest Loser game for the Wii!  Perfect for our NY resolution to live a healthier and more active 2010!

Once the presents were open, we spent a relaxing day, trying out our new Wii and napping.  We were supposed to go to my sister's for Christmas, but with Aili feeling under the weather, we didn't want to expose anyone to this virus.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays - was Santa good to you?!

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