Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Help Required - Please Apply Within

Only FOUR spots left in my Hands On! photography workshop at ScrapFest in Kitchener on April 17th!!  How exciting!

I have been concentrating on getting the workshop materials together and just realized that there are only 10 days before the crop!  I was hoping to PRE-PLAN all of my scrapbooking layouts for the crop so I wouldn't overpack, as I'm not quite sure how Nancy and I are going to get our luggage, all of our scrapbooking stuff AND my course materials into Lola - we may have to put the roof down and bungee cord everything into the back seat!

I'm sure that the next two weeks will see a few late nights for me, trying to pack my scrapbooking supplies!

So I need your help!!

How do you pack for overnight/all day crops?  Do you pack everything but the kitchen sink?  Do you pre-plan your layouts?  Please leave me your tips, techniques and trade secrets and I'll enter your name into a draw for April's RAK:

An All My Memories Tote-ally Cool mini tote!

This draw is open until April 14th, because I have to be packed for the 16th!  So let's have at it - give me your best tips!  Leave several comments with different tips and I'll enter a ballot for each valid entry!  Please remember to leave your first name if you are posting anonymously.

If anyone wants to come and help me pack, please feel free... we have lots of room! :)


  1. I always pre-pack layouts - half the amount I need and double the adhesive ;) - and one project.

    All materials, all photos, all journaling, stick to a plan and follow it. There is always oodles of stuff to change things, but don't. You'll go crazy because you won't have the stuff you need. Just make sure you have a pad of paper to write down all the ideas sure to spin in your head.

    I bring the basic supplies (everyone has a different list - bring yours). Don't bring anything "just in case" it just adds weight and one more thing to forget to bring home.

    Have fun!

  2. I am bad..I usually bring way too much stuff..but we always travel in a van. I hate pre-planning pages because I don't know what I am going to feel like once I am there. With that said...

    I like to bring all my paper, all my mists, stickles and smooch. I bring a small box of embellishments (whether it is a theme (disney) or misc), tools and adhesive.

    I have pre-planned pages and have never ended up doing them.

  3. I do both.. take everything (which isn't much as I am a Simple Scrapper) or pre plan.

    The last crop I went to I planned to make a year in review album so I just packed what I needed.... hmm turned out to be the same amount of stuff though.

    I suggest getting a bigger vehicle.. hahah


  4. challenge yourself ! bring a small decent amount of stuff and see how far your imagination and scrap skill gets you. Don't preplan just go with the flow.

  5. lol that's why we always brought the crops to you!

  6. well, i actually am not as skilled at packing as i would like to think - hee hee i need to keep practicing!!

    I have my photos' & tickets, tags sorted in a drawer - they are in ziplock bags. I then pull out a zip bag and then gather up the papers and such that go with the layout. If i forget something - someone always has it or ideas to do something different - i can always fix up when i get back home!

    Good luck and your class sounds awesome!

  7. It depends on the type of crop....if the crop has an on site store, I tend to only bring tools as it is way too much fun to go out and match my photos to the new papers and embellies! If there is no on site store, I do try to pre plan....I get those 13x13 ziplock bags and put my photos and paper inside....works great!!!

  8. I tend to pack everything and the kitchen sink... I try to plan a head but it never works out that way... Good luck..Can't wait to meet you IRL...

  9. Pack??? here is my suggestion....take your tool hold and fill slightly with tools, inks, glue etc. then take you roller bag and put in it some tea, bailies and munchies....this way it will look like your scrappin when your really sitting with ME and have a few!!

  10. I'm pretty new to scrapbooking and I've only been to one crop -- but I'm a planner through and through. I do a little chart for each project. I know the papers I'm going to use for each page and which photos will be featured. I also list for each page any special quotes/stories I want to include, and what the main embellishments/stamps are. So I take a while to plan but once begin work I'm pretty productive. And I change my plans as I go. : ) For the one crop I've attended -- I did buy goodies on site to add to my work.

  11. Girl - I suck, bring it all. If your staying at a hotel? then pack hotel totes of stuff u might need. Leave all your big tools, extra cardstock, pattern paper and stuff in these totes in the ROOM. Bring all your brads flowers embellishments, inks, buttons and chipboard. the embellishments u always reach for... and don't forget the ribbons!!
    I am not a page planner and am very upset when i forget things. last time was my craft tray, photo cloth and black stazon.

    ****Just rember to bring money if there is shopping, then u wont be without!**

  12. I always try to preplan my layouts ahead of time. Depending on my time before my crop, I always try to at least have photos planned with papers. I put them all on top of each other in one of those 12x12 plastic containers from Michaels. I also put with each layout a sketch idea if I have one in mind for that layout. If I have time to do it enough ahead of time I try to match up ribbon and embellies too. I usually still end up taking everything but the kitchen sink...lol but I find it does help as I tend to waste alot of time looking for papers to go with photos. And doing it this way I don't have to take any patterned papers...just cardstock and of course all my technique stuff and some embellies.

  13. Pack a butt pillow (you never know about those chairs), dress in layers (everyone's hot/cold meter is different - you can always add or shed a layer), and pack your toothbrush! An old one is great for cleaning stamps:)

    Happy scrapping!

  14. I pack for a local crop that I do once a month. If I am organized, I have pre-planned and bring that stuff only. If not, I pick a few papers, embellies, etc. that coordinate. There is no way I could bring all of my paper! lol. I do bring my basics of course (cutter, atg gun, etc) and extra of basic cardstock like white, black and kraft. If I have not pre-planned, I also tend to leave more embellies at home b/c they are easier to add on afterwards. My only other tip is to buy those Iris plastic cases when they go on sale at Michaels. They have photo size, 12x12 size, etc. They're quite sturdy and work better than bringing a soft plastic paper keeper.

  15. Pre-plan layouts? Are you kidding?! I'm lucky if I get out of the house wearing pants. I am getting really, really good at packing for these things though. One over the shoulder tote and one project box. That's it. I bring ONE...count it...ONE mini book project with me. So I grab a ziploc and throw in buttons, ribbon, the album, the photos, maybe a few metal embellies if it fits the theme and a line of paper/extras. So that would be like 6 pieces of paper, maybe a confetti sheet, letters and rubons. Whatever comes with the set. 2 rules: 1)If it doesn't fit in the bag, it doesn't come and 2)If I can't make something awesome out of that stuff I must not be a very good scrapbooker. LOL So that goes in the project box and then my list of items needed for classes goes into my over the shoulder tote. Done like dinner baby. I used to bring everything AND the sink. I got nothing done, I couldn't find anything and I spent more time yapping than scrapping. There is usually a ton of class stuff to work on so I don't worry about bringing my own stuff as much. Have FUN!!! Wish I was there but we are going to rock Camp Croppin' in Calgary this weekend! xox

  16. I find it too hard to pre-plan layouts. I would bring a variety of pictures & the paper and embellishments you think you would use. Sometimes when you get to a crop you don't feel like working on particular pictures - your mood dictates what you feel like doing. I am a bad packer and a proponent of bring it all, just in case. Let go of the stress of taking too much! You'll feel better! Have fun.

  17. I always have the best intentions of packing light, so I try to plan a few pages and bring supplies around those but it never fails that I end up packing WAY TOO much!! But that said, I find it easier to pack light and then challenge myself to use what I brought to make my pages:-)

  18. My best tip, especially if going with a friend, is to divy stuff up! I love when we can each be responsible for diff things - one usually does the base cardstock colours, one does the inks, one does the stamps... yada, yada, yada!
    Hopefully you get it all in :)

  19. Packing for crops can be so stressful at times. some bring the kitchen sink - i personally get myself about 5 large ziplock bags 12x12 found at walmart... and fill them with papers, embellies, cardstock, rubons, ribbon..etc making my own page kits. i get to a crop and ready to go with my kits. If i need something the LSS usually has extra glue or matching cardstock etc.
    I also find that a mini album at a crop is so much fun. Less thinking and great in between chat sessions with friends! Good Luck ...

  20. This makes me laugh to read that you still have yet to pack.. At this point I would make a list and make sure you put all the things you would like to accomplish on this list and then pack it.. and also don't forget your photos...See you Friday..or at least Saturday evening...


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