Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All About Me: 2010 version

I was reminiscing the other night and reading back through some old posts where I came across this from 2006.06.08.

Here's the 2010 version:

I AM grateful for every day.
I WANT to learn to simplify.
I HAVE a wonderful hubby and two great kids!
I WISH I could see the future...
I HATE fake and/or hypocrytical people. 
I MISS my mom.
I HEAR music in children's laughter.
I WONDER what happens next...
I REGRET not spending more time with my Mom.
I AM NOT patient. At all. 
I DANCE like nobody's watchin'...
I SING: out loud, all the time, to EVERY song, whether I like it or not.
I CRY at sappy commercials.
I AM NOT ALWAYS right... (you're still sworn to secrecy on this one... :) )
I MAKE, WITH MY HANDS, stories for my family
I WRITE journaling so that I can share these stories with our future generations
I CONFUSE "need" with "want"...
I NEED (see above)...
I SHOULD go to bed earlier (nothing has changed here!)
I START conversations with complete strangers!! :D
I FINISH each day by giving thanks for all the goods things in my life.

Some things have changed... others have not!  I'm issuing you a challenge to blog your version - share a link to yours in your comment here!

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  1. i did it.... check it out!!!
    thanks for this.. it was fun!!!


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