Friday, June 11, 2010

New Summer 'Do

Remember back when you were younger and you spent all summer in the pool?

Now remember back to that time, and think about what your hair felt and smelled like...  It didn't matter how much you shampooed and conditioned your hair (and at 10, who really had patience to wait the 2 minutes for the conditioner?), it still felt like straw and was bleached out by the sun and chlorine.  Or worse, it turned green!

Now imagine that you are a 10 year old boy who can barely sit still long enough to eat, let along take the time to properly condition your hair.  Imagine that you are in the pool four nights a week.  And that's only practice.  Imagine there are swim meets and recreational swims and pool parties.

Got a good mental image?

Okay, now here's the reality.
As an aside, let's just ignore the obvious flash in these photos... I was lazy and actually shot on Auto!! *gasp*  Don't tell anyone... ;)

Connor's hair has certainly taken a beating this year with all the practices and a whopping 10 swim meets.  Since we were heading to his final meet this weekend (Western Region LC Championship) and school is winding down, I suggested that he shave his head for this meet.

At first, he looked at me like I was crazy.  I think he was picturing a complete shave, like Mr. Clean!  But I could totally see the wheels turning, once I mentioned that he get a Faux Hawk, like Puck from Glee...

All together now, ladies... {sigh}

Anyhow, you may remember from Gary's post about their trip to Provinical Team Champs, he mentioned that they played the entire 1st season of Glee while traveling to Ottawa.  And I'm sure that the entire female population of the bus swooned during each of Puck's scenes...

So he put two and two together and decided to get a faux hawk, a la Puck...

I pulled him out of school early on Thursday so we could make it to my hairdresser's before she left for the day, since we were leaving early on Friday. 

Imagine my surprise when Amanda said she didn't know who Puck was!!?? :)

Somehow along the way it morphed into a more tame version of a faux hawk.  It started with razing the back and sides of his head:

I'm not sure why his teeth are glowing...? Damn flash... *shrugs*
Then Amanda shaped the sides...

Then, in honour of his swim team... Can you see it?


Wait!! What happened to my little baby??  Excuse me while I curl into the fetal position and cry...

Just wait until next week when we actually shave it into a mohawk... :)

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  1. HANDSOME!!! Ugh, you are in SO much trouble. I'll be there with you, we can drink together.


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