Sunday, June 20, 2010

Studio Reno: Before

Prior to the renovation, my studio had been officially declared a disaster zone, by family and friends alike.  Seems to me that the last time it was actually organized and tidy was back in October 2008 so I am using those photos as my BEFORE shots.

Let me take you on a little 360 degree tour:

(again, please ignore the obvious flash in these photos - the room is dark, with no windows and poor lighting!  Can't wait for those French doors!)

It also looks like bare because I drastically purged everything prior to starting Just Cre8, knowing that I'd be getting new product every month.  AND none of my past kits were stored in this room at the time of these photos.

As you know from my prior post, there's alot of product and office supplies that have to be purged and organized before coming into this room again!

Here's the proposed floor plan for my new studio:

Alot of it will depend on the doors, once they are in.  Because of ill-placed bulkheads, the right hand door will not be able to open much past a 90 degree angle, but because it is so close to the wall anyways, and it is only blocking the open closet, it shouldn't pose a big problem. 

My dilemma comes from the island workspace.  It will be counter-height, for when I want to stand and work, but since I'd like to use it for our crop nights, I want to be able to seat at least 4 people around it.  And I want to leave a lot of space around it, for mobility.  Since Gary will be custom building it for me, we will have to wait and see how much room is left, once the other furniture is in.  I may be able to turn the desk so it's against the wall next to the doors, but then it impedes on the natural swing of the left-side door.

Ah, the joys of renovating!

Stay tuned for weekly Monday updates on our progress!

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