Monday, June 21, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 1

Day 1 (2010.06.14)

We began to tear down my custom desk that Gary so sweetly built for me shortly after moving in, along with the shelves.
And when I say WE, I mean HE. :)

I certainly did help though, by stripping off the Skribblz Art and removing all of the screws and anchors from all of the stuff we had attached to the walls!

Day 2 (2010.06.15)

The desk and support structure are removed.  There is going to be A LOT of patching to do before we paint! I think we may just hire someone to do it...

Then we had to rip up the trim on the wall set for destruction, as well as around the door frame.

You can see the shade of country blue that the office used to be.  Yaakk.

Then began the fun part - knocking down the wall!

Less than an hour later, we (and again, I mean, HE) had opened up the wall for the French doors on one side!  We later decided to tear down the entire inside wall, to allow for easier access for running electrical, network and cable wires.

Day 3 (2010.06.16)

We had taped up plastic to try to contain the dust and mess - a sort of boy-in-the-plastic-bubble atmosphere.  (Remember John Travolta in that movie??)

Ironic, really, since outside of the room is a complete disaster anyways, with stuff all over... :(

The rest of the outside wall came down today!  It's amazing how much brighter the studio is - I can't wait to see the doors in!

Day 4 (2010.06.17)

Tonight was spent re-routing all of the electrical devices.  Since an outlet on the outside wall of the studio would have to be moved over, we decided to just move it to the inside and create a double outlet near my desk area.  The light switch will be placed on the outside of the studio on the left of the doors, so that it's not behind the doors (as it was originally - what a PITA!!)

Day 5 (2010.06.18)

Today, Gary cut down the studs to create the opening for the door frame.

He also removed the footer.  We are going to have to custom design a transitional piece to cover the area beneath the doors, to go from the berber carpet to the laminate flooring.

And then we (he) added the header to created the outline for the door frame.

Ooh, baby - now we're cookin' with gas!!

Day 6 (2010.06.19)

The doors are unwrapped and laid out within the frame to plan out the cuts needed.

Oh my!  Aren't they gorgeous!?  Can you just picture them in a dark espresso stain, with white trim... ?

Disappointingly, it was too late to drag out the chop saw to trim up the frame and doors without inciting the neighbours so that would have to wait.

Day 7 (2010.06.20)

And on the 7th day, he rested. :) 

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  1. Ok, I loooove stalking your reno but seriously, if you came on every week or so and said "Hi. My name is Sue. I have a blog." I would still be on here all the time just for your PLAYLIST! LOL My boys totally rock out to it!


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