Monday, June 28, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 2

Day 8 (2010.06.21)

Not much done today - at baseball on Saturday, Gary forgot that he is no longer a 20 year old and was in much pain for a few days!

Day 9 (2010.06.22)

Today, Gary cut the door jamb to size and attached it to the opening, adding shims to level it.  He also cut the doors to the proper height and will attach those tomorrow!

Day 10 (2010.06.23)

We have French doors!  Well, at least we have ONE french door:
Gary's been fighting a really bad chest cold and is hopped up on cold medication.  I advised against using power tools in this state, even thought I did really want to see my doors up! :)

Day 11 (2010.06.24)

Door #2 is installed!! (photo to follow)

There was a momentary panic, when Gary realized that there was a HUGE gap between the two doors.  With some creative shimming, he was able to reduce it, preventing him from having to rip it all down and start over!

Day 14 (2010.06.27)

Returned home from a weekend away and tried to figure out lighting.  We have six potlights right now, but because of some ill-placed vents and pipes, we're limited to where we can put them.  In frustration, we decided to leave it and scout out some new, smaller lights tomorrow that may fit better.

Thanks for checking in this week - sorry for the lack of photos!  Next week, we will be working on wiring the lighting, re-drywalling the wall and around the new door frame and attaching the drop ceiling!

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