Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Randomness on a Tuesday...

Just a quick post before heading to bed to catch up on my ramblings...

* More photos to follow of Ocean City - this time of the fantastic boardwalk! - but I don't want to overwhelm all of you, my 28 lovely readers... ;)

And because no post is complete without a photo, here's one of my favourite photos from the beach:
Don't you love the tanline, from his shorts that are threatening to fall off with the next wave?

* I have been making new friends (and seeing some old ones!) over in the WeScrap! forum - it's nice to be a part of a forum again.  If you haven't checked it out - come on over and say hello!  It reminds me of the Just Cre8 forum - warm and friendly... makes me kinda nostalgic!

* I went back to work today after NINETEEN glorious days off... Of course, I came back to 3 weeks of work piled on my desk, 62 emails and a handful of notes from employees with questions for me.  Only 3 phone calls though - guess that's a sign of the times...  I worked until about 7:30pm tonight and will probably put in another full day tomorrow. :s

* Still working with Melissa Buhler on trying to find a location for a Hands On! photography/Photoshop workshop in Saskatoon in November (November 14th, 2010).  Please message me on Facebook if you are interested in this so we can find a suitable location!

* My studio/office is ALMOST DONE!!!  Gary finished the lights last night and put the remaining ceiling tiles up today.  Just have to add and paint the trim and quarter round, and paint the closet (only because I think I may leave it open).  Hoping to have it ready to move furniture in by the weekend, although we won't be able to do anything this weekend because...

* My baby is turning SIX on Friday!  We have planned a pool party out at my sister's place for Saturday so we are frantically trying to organize for that.  I am wracking my brain trying to come up with good loot bag ideas.  I want to avoid the bag full of candy and dollar store toys, since I always end up spending too much anyways.  I'm thinking movie passes to the local theatres - anyone have any good ideas? 

* Connor is away for his second week with his grandparents in Erin (near Guelph).  He was in a competitive swim camp last week, coached by the staff of the Guelph Marlins (swim team) and the coaching staff of University of Guelph varsity swim team.  They did a lot of dry-land training and stretching, paired with swimming training.  Personal assessments were included, too, so I'm anxious to hear how he did - from his grandparents.  My phone call with him was typical of a 10 year old:

Me:  So, how was camp?  Did you have fun?!?
Connor: Yep.
Me:  *pause*  Just... yep?  What did you do?  Did you make some new friends?
Connor:  Yep.
Me:  *longer pause - thinking he will elaborate* So.... did you learn anything new?
Connor:  *pause*  Not really.
Me:  What?!?  What about the video work and the personal assessments?
Connor:  Weeeellll, the video equipment wasn't working...
Me:  *silently groaning, thinking of the $$ this camp cost...*
Connor:  But they said that I swam good.
Me: Well.
Connor:  Well what?
Me: You swam well.
Connor:  yeah, how'd you know?
Me:  Know what?
Connor:  That I swam good.
Me:  You swam WELL.
Connor:  I KNOW!
Me:  Who's on first?
Connor:  What??
Me: Nothing - never mind.
Connor:  Mom, I love you... but sometimes you're weird.


  1. lol who's on first? way to throw a kid off. hilarious.

  2. LOL you have 31 followers. $5 to a movie video place is what a friend of mine does..or to a bowling alley...

  3. What a great shot! Makes me wanna go to the beach! lol

    We love having you over a WeScrap-- I've been leaving lots of love in your gallery! :)


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