Monday, August 16, 2010

Studio Reno: Week 9

Everything seem to come together this week:

Aug 9:

Gary ran out and bought the required items to finish the lights.  We held our breath as we turned on the lights and... BINGO!  We have lighting!

Again, we're going to go with the eye-candy substitute... (see Studio Reno:  Week 8 for explanation)

Aug 10th:

Now that the lights are in, we could fit the ceiling panels around them.  The lights came with handy templates to aid in the cutting.  The panels were very messy to cut!!  All of the full panels are installed - just the edges now!

Aug 11th:

Gary sized and cut the rest of the panels today while I was at work.  I came home to a beautifully finished ceiling!  Yippee!

Isn't it gorgeous?? :)

Aug 12:

Gary finished painting the baseboards, while I painted the inside of the closet, since I'm not sure if i'll be leaving it open or hanging a curtain.  I forgot how much I disliked painting.  Or at least the clean up.  Ick.

Aug 13:

My baby's birthday!  We're busy getting ready for Aili's birthday party tomorrow, and treated her to dinner tonight.  Gary did manage to get one of my bookshelves put together so we could see the furniture up against the paint colour... I'm in love!!  Can't wait to share the final results with you all!

Aug 15:

Today, my furniture is all in!  Well, the pieces we have, anyways! :)  I still have to get a small unit to hold my printer.  Or sewing maching - I'm still undecided if I'm going to have the printer in my room, or just have it on the network in Gary's office... I don't really have anywhere to put my sewing machine, since I opted out of the second 4x2 bookshelf... If my sewing machine's not accessible, I won't use it.  But do I want to have to run out of the room every time I print something?  Hmmm something to ponder....

So now the fun begins!  We still have work to do:
* build work island
* install closet shelves
* stain doors
* install door hardware
* paint door trim
* install transition pieces (at doorways)
* install network cover plates

Not to mention trying to figure out where to put everything!  Just when I thought the renovation took long...


  1. Thanks for the update...and the eye when is this going to be all done so we can see it finished... you must be so excited...

  2. cant wait to see it....but for now eye candy will do!


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