Friday, December 10, 2010

Me, Today

image via cinnamon*sticks on etsy

Came across this little quiz a while ago on my friend Jennifer's blog and thought it would be a great way to capture my life, at this moment:

Listening to:  My blog playlist; specifically, Glitter in the Air by Pink
Reading:  Christmas magazines!
Watching:  Our kids play out in the snow
Eating:  my mother-in-law's yummy shortbread
Drinking:  Diet coke
Wearing:  Black yoga pants, black t-shirt, hot pink hoodie
Feeling:  Proud after Day 1 of Connor's Dash for Cash 3-day swim meet this weekend!
Weather:  Brrrrr - cold!!
Wanting:  to finish my Christmas shopping so I can concentrate on savouring the season
Needing:  Just a few more gifts to get there! 

Enjoying:  The here and now
Wondering:  If we'll make it home before the big snowstorm hits on Sunday... *fingers crossed*

I won't tag anyone but feel free to post on your blog and post a comment with a link to share!

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