Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Little Fish

It occurred to me that I haven't shared Connor's times from the Guelph Dash for Cash meet.  And while you may be secretly groaning, you're just going to have to put up with another Proud Mama post...

10 & under 25m Freestyle - 12th place.  Time:  17.31**
10 & under 50m Breaststroke - 9th place  Time:  55.02
10 & under 200m Freestyle - 5th place   Time:  3:00.40**
10 & under 50m Freestyle - 9th place  Time:  37.52**
10 & under 50m Backstroke - 9th place  Time: 45.49
10 & under 100m Freestyle - 7th place  Time:  1:24.73**

He shaved time off his seed time for all of his races, except for his 25m Free (due to a bad start) and hit personal best times in four of his six races, as noted above**!  WTG, Connor!

This past weekend, he participated in a challenge that his division has each year.  Each child in the Seal division is timed as he/she swims a mile (that's 66 laps!).  Every Saturday, two of the kids swim their mile while the rest of their teammates partake in the 1.5 hour practice.  Connor completed his 66 laps in 28 minutes, 42 seconds - so far, he's in second place!  I'm so proud of him - 66 is a crazy amount of laps to swim at one stretch...

But then after a 20-25 minute break in the cool down area of the pool, his coach called him back to practice for the remaining 40 minutes!  And they were practicing 200m lengths!

I'm tired just thinking about it! :)

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