Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping the Momentum Going

Okay, so I have now blogged every day, since January 1st!  And we all know that it takes 21 days to create a habit so I have to keep the momentum going, even if I have nothing to blog about, right?

Right? what?

Well, I could tell you that I was ALMOST done organizing my studio and then I started creating so it's a mess again! :)  I will try to have it done for this weekend to snap photos before I make another mess.

I could also tell you that I have my first photoshoot of 2011 booked for next Saturday!  It's a maternity session so I'm quite excited!  They are expecting twins so hopefully I will be asked to take newborn photos as well... oh my heck, I can almost picture them!

Maybe I could tell you that Gary's officially done at his former job - after 35 weeks, they finally contacted him to say that his temporary layoff would be permanent.  So there's a lot of praying and positive thinking going on around here.  As well as some strategic planning.  Comparable jobs at his skill level are few and far between in this area - and I really don't want to leave our family, our friends, and definitely my new scrapbook studio!  But of course, we will do what we need to do.

Or maybe you'd rather hear that Aili has started her second session of swimming lessons.  She really wants to be on Connor's competitive swim team, but it's quite expensive so she will learn the strokes through community-centre lessons and then in a year or so, we will enroll her in WEST as well.  Right now, they are learning to basics of the freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

I've already told you about Connor and his mile-swim.  But maybe I could tell you that he has three big swim meets coming up in three consecutive weekends: a Seal meet in Wallaceburg, the Dolphins meet in Etobicoke and if he qualifies, the Western Ontario Swim Association (WOSA) championships in Brantford.  This final meet is the same as the one held in London last year so we are keeping our fingers crossed that he has qualifying times again.

Yeah, I could probably talk about those things.

Or I could just tell you that tomorrow, I'll be sharing a project done for the CP4U challenge #48 that will be posted on their blog

And I should probably share that my term with CP4U is up at the end of January and they have a Design Team call posted on their blog here, if anyone is interested.

Most importantly, I should definitely share that I'm going to be reinstating a bi-weekly challenge that I started with Just Cre8, called Leave Your Legacy.  The idea for a Leave Your Legacy challenge was born when I realized that after my mom's passing, I knew very little about WHO she was, as a person.  Sure, I knew the basics, but not about her personality, her likes or dislikes, or hopes and dreams. 

And so, with a new year, it's a great time to start a new tradition.  Every other Friday, I will post a prompt, with my example to encourage you to create more layouts about a very important person - YOU!  More details to follow with our first prompt this Friday!

So... what should I talk about? ;)

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  1. I find it funny that you are starting the Leave your legacy stuff right now. This second. As I try to claw my way AWAY from middle age I find myself wondering who my Grandmother really was. What she thought. I miss her voice. It's been so long. Now I am writing letters to people who haven't seen me since I was 2 just so I can get their opinion of her. To tell me things I never knew before. I like the idea of my children (and their children) having the answers right in front of them.


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