Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Does anyone have Super Bowl let-down?  After all the hype?  Were you a Steelers fan?

I was cheering for the Packers (only because I don't like Roethlisberger much...)  Truth be told, I was watching it more for the commercials!

Like this one:

Mostly because it is one of my dream cars..

And this one, because I LOVE all of the e-trade commercials:

And Enimem was awesome in the Brisk commercial and this one:

But of course, what I was REALLY waiting for was the Glee Super Bowl special!!

Yeah, I know... I'm a Gleek!

LOVED the mash-up of Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's song, Heads Will Roll - you can hear it here on You Tube.  Can't wait until Tuesday's episode!

And just a reminder - the deadline to link up your layouts for my Leave Your Legacy challenges (Jan 14 and Jan 28) is tonight at 11;59pm EST so don't forget!! I'll randomly choose a winner and announce it on Thursday.  A new challenge will be posted on Friday!

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