Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Needs a New Home...

Maybe something like this?

I actually like the turquoise one better... but for $184.00 USD?  Plus shipping/handling?  Well, I think I'd rather put the money towards a new 50mm f/1.4 lens...

What do you have for a camera bag?  I have a Slingshot 100 right now:

I love it, but quite honestly, I hate lugging it to parties and weddings because it's so "tech-y" looking...

Then while surfing I came across this on the Jen and Steve dot Com site:

LOVE IT!! And am so going to search for a purse to make my own...

The above site gives a tutorial but I found more detailed tutorials here and here...

Now to find a colour... Maybe RED like this one!!

Better get crackin'... my baby's supposed to be here next week!!


  1. I have an Epiphanie bag. Lola in red. And I LOVE it! Worth every penny. I actually really want Ginger too (in brown). :)

  2. I have an Epiphanie Bag too. Turquoise color. I didn't spend the money. I received as a gift!

  3. the red is sexy. but where would you put your wallet & bb?? find one that will match your hat for june! ;)

  4. I've been looking for a cool camera bag too. I have one, but it's just ugly... Breiers I don't want to walk around with a bag that makes it obvious what I'm carrying around with me. So I use my 'normal' bag. Maybe I can convert it into a camera bag!

  5. Breiers? Please read 'besides'...

  6. I was going to say that Crumpler makes awesome camera bags too. That's what I started with and I kept my larger one because I like it so much. So I use it when I go hiking or something. It's more camera bag like than Epiphanie or Kelly Moore, but less than the one you have I think.

    And I've had my Epiphanie bag for over a year and it still looks great too!


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