Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pass the Candy...

er, I mean, DON'T pass the candy!

We have more than enough around here:

They each have an entire BOXFUL of candy, plus we have enough candy left over to fill another box!  I think we'll make a run out to the Downtown Mission this weekend, and donate some of it, in order to preserve our dental health around here! :)

I took photos of both of the kids this year, but my memory card became corrupted and I lost six or seven photos - of course, I only took about 10 so that's the majority of them! :(  Luckily, we had Connor's friend, Bailey, join us for the evening, along with his family - his mom, Amanda, had her camera too so hopefully I can share some of hers!

Connor's costume was another original this year - his photo was one of the ones lost this year - but here's the bulk of his costume:

Sorry it's so grainy - Gary snapped it with his Blackberry on Saturday during the making-of...

Have you guessed it yet?  Add some fake blood, dress him in dark jeans and a black hoodie, with a black toque...

Yep, he's a "cereal" killer!  Get it?  SERIAL killer?? HAHA!

Once again, he scored big on the candy level for having a unique costume, much like the iPod Touch costume of 2010.

This year, Aili decided to be a "Devil Queen":

I was originally going to paint her face red - until I read the warnings on the facepaint package that said it may take three or four days to fade!  So we opted for dark, sultry eyes, black lipstick and glitter on her cheekbones.  She was so excited to be wearing eyeliner, eyeshadow and *gasp* mascara! :)

The white fangs were her idea...  I'm not sure how they relate?? The good news is that her canines already seem so pointy, with her front teeth barely in, that the painted fangs just seem to be an extension of the actual teeth!

Hope you had a wonderful Hallowe'en!

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