Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallowe'en 2012

We had a relatively quiet Hallowe'en this year - the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy trickled down our way and left the night cold and rainy.

I came home later than I wanted, thanks to an inventory scheduled today.  Gary had ordered pizza for the kids and after a few photos snapped very quickly, they headed out - Aili with Gary and Connor to meet up with his friend, B.  That was around 6:30pm.

By 7:30, Connor and B came in and Gary and Aili followed close behind.  It had started raining and was getting very cold. :( Around 7:10pm, I was on my last box of chips (I hand out one bag per child, plus a handful of chocolates/candy, so I can keep track by counting the bags left!) but we only had a handful of kids after that - I think our final count was around 90 kids.

Aili found a small witch's hat and broom in Michaels' in the US, when we went over for BTS shopping & drum set pick up (I just realized that I didn't blog about that yet!).  I found a dress at Value Village that we cut up with a jagged hem, a stuffed crow from the dollar store and a fabulous veiled hat from Shoppers that really put the Michaels' hat to shame! :)   It was marked down to $3.75 because of a small tear in the back part of the veil - to be honest, I couldn't even see it!  A black wig and black lipstick and she was (w)itching to go!

(Ha ha - see what I did there?)

Connor spent a lot of time on his costume - he and Gary spray-painted his old hockey gear (from when he was five!) and made it look all camoflage-y (why, yes, I think that is a real word...).  Add a helmet, goggles, flashlight and rifle and you have a super-futuristic-warrior-character.

(Still not sure what he was going for, but it was creative and he didn't need me to sew anything so I'm happy).

Tons of candy later, and you've got two sleepy-but-high-on-sugar kids who don't want to go to bed.

Time for Mama to break out the adult candy (i.e. Baileys and tea)... ;)

Happy Hallowe'en, ya'll!


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