Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bustin' a Move...

and other random pics!

It's been awhile since I've posted any photos of our family and its' antics... Here are some random shots since Christmas:

Beethoven's 5th, anyone? (12.28.2006)
Granddad & kids (12.28.2006)

Faster than a speeding bullet... (12.28.2006)

The legend lives on... ;) (12.28.2006)

I'll have to break out this pic in 10 years when they're at each other's throats... (12.28.2006)

Vanity, at such a tender age... (01.12.2007)

Don't let this innocent look fool you... :) (01.27.2007)

Well, I'm embarassed to say that I've not taken many photos at all! :( But sickness has seemed to overrun our family life for a while now! I'm happy to report that Connor did not get sick at all (touch wood!), and although Aili has gotten another cold, we did receive good news from our doctor - they managed to squeeze us in to see Dr. Lyttle! We were supposed to go for a consultation first (parents only) and then take Aili in for an assessment, but they had a cancellation and don't want to miss it. So we take her in on March 8th and then have the consult on the 23rd.

Gary and I are faring a little worse. He FINALLY took my advice on Friday and went into the clinic to check out his hacking cough (that he's had before Superbowl!)... Turns out that he has bronchitis! He's been off work since Tuesday!

And I woke up this morning with what suspiciously resembles pink eye... {insert rolling eyes here...} To work tomorrow to do payroll and then off to the clinic for me!

But despite all of our illnesses, we are happy, relatively healthy... and busy with a new project! Check back in a few weeks for more details... :)

Have a great week, all!!


  1. stunning photos :) **healing vibes**

  2. The pics are great!! Feel better!!


  3. Oh Sue, I can totally relate it sounds like your 2007 is very similar to my 2006. What a medical nightmare that was. We were so ill from Oct. to March it seemed. Sending you good healthy vibes and hoping everyone is on the mend soon!!!

    Ohhhhhh new project you say.... a couple of weeks.... ah the agony!!! How will I manage to wait that long!!!! Oh I am excited to find out what you have up that sleeve!!!!

  4. you guys have had quite a run with illnesses, hope that the rest of the year is much healthier for your house! Love the new photos and looking forward to hearing about your new project!

  5. I can relate! Hope you're feeling tons better soon sweetie!!!!!

    What's the project?

  6. Hope you all get better shortly! The fun weather for kids is arriving finally today and I am sure they will be begging to go outside!!

  7. I always love your pictures, Sue! Your kids are so sweet and the one with granddad is priceless. Healthy vibes coming to you all!!

  8. Sweet pictures, Sue! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. Love all the photos and prayers for health in your house.

  10. LOVE all those photos! Aili has the best hair! I love those curls!
    UGH on being sick! I hope you are all feeling better soon! Seriously, I think it should be illegal for parents to get sick, especially with little ones at home. It's just wrong! J and I both had the stomach flu last week and it was horrible!

  11. Ohhhhh those are some great photos! Especially the "busta move" one! Toooooo funny!


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