Monday, February 05, 2007


We have been waiting for Connor's school pictures for a while now! During the first bout of photos, Connor's hair was ALL over the place - the disadvantage of the in-between phase of growing his hair out! So we had his photos retaken in November. The cheque was cashed early January - and I only received his photos today, after I left a note for his teacher!!

I do not have many good things to say about LifeTouch - between the inferior work from my professional photos that I sent to the Winnipeg lab, to the customer service that I received LAST year when Connor's photos were OUT OF FOCUS!! Suffice it to say that if it comes to a vote for next year's photographers, they will not receive mine!

(Excuse the terrible scan - I need a new scanner... **hint, hint, Gary **)

And for all of you who are convinced that Connor is all me - have a peek at this handsome fellow...
Isn't he the cutest thing??!? With his little Mr. Rogers sweater and tie?? OMG - I love this photo!! And you can see where Connor gets his cowlick from... :D

{I guess I can kiss that scanner good-bye, eh?? Ah, it was worth it!!!}


  1. Oh my, he really does look like his Daddy after all!
    I'm not liking the photographer our school uses year after year after year, either but, we don't get a say in the matter darn it!

  2. Oh, my - they are identical!! What a great comparison - that's a better treat than any scanner could ever be!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. He he he....he does look a lot like his daddy!!! They're both cuties!

  4. BOTH of those pics are too cute!!

  5. Ok it took awhile for Connor's picture to load, so I didn't clue in at first. I totally thought that was Connor on the bottom.


    Two very handsome men in your house.

  6. Unbelieveable how much he looks like his dad!!! Hopefully you get a better photographer for school. We've been lucky with a company out here in Sherwood Park - they are amazing. I have NEVER liked Life Touch - they really stink!

  7. WOW so very close. IF it wasn't for the clothes to date the pictures then I thought they were the same kids.

  8. Too funny! I can't believe how much he looks like his dad!


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